Loch Leven Fishing Report – week ending 19th june 2011

Fishing has been somewhat erratic this past week on Loch Leven.  Some areas really did switch on when the flies decided to hatch, but these same areas could be very difficult when the flies were not active in the water column.  It has been a case of needing to be in the right place at the right time.

What has been encouraging is that some nice evening rises have begun being reported.  The area just outside the harbour last Wednesday & Thursday saw a lot of fish on the surface – feeding mainly on Caenis – and the area north of Castle Island appears to be holding a big head of fish at the moment and they have been ‘switching on’, even on occasions during the day.

The best methods to use do depend very much on weather conditions at the moment.  If you are not getting fish using buzzer methods, it is important to consider moving to other methods – pulling traditional flies on a variety of line densities has been working well when conditions allow.

Water clarity remains very much the same as last week at 2.6 meters and the temperature stands at 14.5°C at the moment. Weed growth is now showing up all over the loch. 

Interestingly, large numbers of small fish have been spotted in the early mornings.  These 7 – 10 inch fish are probably feeding on the huge population of zooplankton in the water at the moment and this is a very good sign for the future of the brown trout population in Loch Leven.

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