Loch Leven Fishing Report – week ending 12th June 2011

Buzzer fishing finally came good this past week on Loch Leven. Some excellent catches were reported using buzzer tactics even when the wind did get decidedly blustery.  Pulling methods are still working too, especially out on the open water drifts onto, or coming off, the many drop offs to be found in various parts of the loch.

The fish are in very good condition as you would expect but what is particularly encouraging is that all age groups appear to be being well represented from young 7-8 inch fish right up to the top weights.  The fighting quality of the fish is also really good – a reflection on their general well being. 

On Thursday, Jeff Lawson was out with Eck Dewar and phoned in from their boat to complain.  Last time he had cause to do this a couple of weeks ago, it was because his outboard had conked out. We feared the worst – but this time he was phoning to complain that he had just had three successive casts with no fish!!  Apparently he had Eck had hit paydirt with trout everywhere.  They ended up with 10 brownies weighing 18 lbs 2 ozs and returned ‘a lot’. 

Other notable catches during the week were: 

  • Ernie Baglow weighed in 6 @ 10 lbs 12 ozs and returned 14 (including 2 over 3 lbs)
  • Paul Chambers had 6 @ 10 lbs 12 ozs with a further 6 returned
  • I.B.M. (8 boats) recorded 35 brownies @ 51 lbs.
  • Kinross A.C caught 12 @ 17 lbs with a further 5 returned. 

All the main buzzer patterns are working well but leader length when using buzzer tactics is very important – it is always related to the depth of water you are fishing, but ten to fourteen feet appears to be where most of the action is currently taking place. 

Best areas at the moment appear to be North Queich, Green Isle,CastleIslandand, at long last, the Thrapple Hole is working.  The open water drifts at North, Elbow, Mid and East Buoys are working well, as are Carden Point, Hole ‘O’ the Inch and the South Deeps. 

Water clarity at the moment has edged back up to 2.8 meters and the temperature just on 14°C which is pretty chilly for June but quite comfortable for the fish.

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