Loch Leven Fishing Report – week ending 5th June 2011

The wind that has adversely affected us throughout most of the latter half of May did finally die down at the end of the week.  Friday gave us a welcome glimpse of summer with temperatures soaring to 24.5°C!  However this proved horribly short-lived because, within 24 hours, the temperature had plummeted back to a unseasonably chilly 12.5°C in the face of a wretched easterly wind.  

However, despite the huge variations in conditions, some really nice fish were caught during the week.  Alan Smith had a beautiful fish estimated at 6 lbs 8 ozs which he returned and which we think is one of the largest of the season to date (we have seen photographic evidence on his new Nokia phone but have not yet worked out a way of downloading it!).  Stuart Malcolmson had one at 5 lbs 13 ozs and, on Sunday, Greig Ainsworth weighed in a brownie at 2 lbs 4 ozs and two others returned.  As to club outings, Coley Liners had fifteen at 20 lbs and returned one fish whilst Loch Leven Fly Dressers had five for 9 lbs 13 ozs and returned three. 

Stuart Malcolmson with his 5 lbs 13 oz Loch Leven brownie

Open water drifts seem to be working well, especially using pulling methods.  Specifically, East Buoy, Mid Buoy and North Buoy areas are all producing results, as are Carden Point to point of St Serfs and the Hole ‘O’ the Inch.  Buzzer methods are now working quite well on the quieter days – try to find water with depths of 10-12 feet and you should find taking fish!

 After all the days with choppy conditions that we have had, water clarity stands at just over 2 meters and the water temperature is just on 14°C.  Weed growth appears to have perhaps actually slowed up a little but is still improving.  Daphnia is now starting to show up prolifically in the water column but as yet the fish do not appear to be feeding extensively on these clouds of daphnia – but they surely will when conditions are right. 

Evening fishing is still proving somewhat challenging as a result of the unseasonable weather.  However, some surface activity has been seen on the quieter nights and we just need some good fly hatches to get the fish “going”.

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One Response to Loch Leven Fishing Report – week ending 5th June 2011

  1. Willie
    It was great to meet up again yesterday after a long absence by our club (Stonehaven & District AA). Talk about choosing a challenging day for our hugely overdue return visit! I had the sole success of our two boats with three catches – a bonny small brown trout in superb nick, a hard-fighting rusty beer can and a dogged half-shell of a freshwater mussel……no prizes for guessing that we were dredging the depths for a fish! Many thanks for your generosity under the gale-force circumstances…….we look forward to returning very soon. Really nice too to catch up again with Mike Smith, whom I hadn’t seen since our respective chairmanships of national angling bodies in the 90’s. Dave

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