Loch Leven Fishing Report – week ending 29th May 2011

Strong winds have had a major effect on the fishing this past week.  Not only have boats been confined to harbour on some days but on others it has been decidedly choppy and often uncomfortable for those intrepid anglers that have ventured out.  Wave action has also churned things up a lot.  The Water clarity prior to last Monday’s gale was just over 4 meters but this had dropped to 1.7 meters by Wednesday.  By the weekend it had started to clear nicely to over 2.2 meters before Sunday’s gale force winds clouded it all up again. 

The unseasonably cold, blustery weather over the last month or so has meant that fly hatches have been slow to appear but calmer, warmer weather forecast for the latter part of the coming week should help in that department. 

Best drifts have been Castle Island to Reed Bower,West Shore to Scart and West Point of St Serfs to East Buoy – all of these drifts have been producing fish in the right conditions. 

The best fish this week was a beautiful specimen caught by Tom Anderson weighing exactly 5 lbs.  Alan Smith returned a big fish estimated at 5½ lbs.  Ally Wells out on a blustery Friday evening session and had caught five trout before he was eventually blown off the drift, giving him an early finish! 

Our hopes are for a calmer, warmer June because the loch still seems to be fishing well when conditions have been even remotely favourable.

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