Loch Leven Fishing Report – week ending 1st May 2011

Some very nice fish have started showing up in the catches at Loch Leven this past week.  Doc Henry had 5 brownies using buzzers, all of which were returned, whereas PJ Mackintosh caught his using Sparkler & Snatcher.  There were some good sized brownies caught as well – Ness Glen AC had 3 for 9 lbs whilst Billy Chalmers had one at 4 lbs 13 ozs and one at 4 lbs 3 ozs in front of the Castle using a Black Dabbler.

We received the following email this week from Andrew Glasgow which we thought we would print it in full as a thank you to him for taking the time to send in his comments with photos: 

Just to say that me(Andrew Glasgow) and my friend(Craig Masson) had a nice day afloat on the loch on Monday 25th of April. 

It was a hard day but we managed three fish between us, two of which are as per attached pictures.

I caught my fish which was 2lb 3oz on a small Holographic Silver Diawl Bach between the North Quiech Mouth & Burleigh Sands Area-the fish contained about thirty 1 1/2″ fry in it’s stomach.

Craig had one about 3 lbs and one about 4 lbs (pictured) which he caught on a Black & Silver lure at the back of St Serfs and Back of Yards area respectively.

We both agreed that the quality and condition of the fish for this time of year is outstanding.

                Andrew Glasgow                                                 Craig Masson

 Buzzer fishing appears to be improving, especially for the anglers diligent enough to wait until the fish are ready to take.  Pulling methods probably the most effective way to take a fish certainly in the bright weather we have had lately.

Water temperature in the loch has remained steady at 13.5°C but water clarity continues to improve – it is now just over 2.3 meters.  Some daphnia are now being seen, a sign that spring is starting perhaps to ease into summer. 

The fish do not appear as keen on fry feeding as they were 2 – 3 weeks ago and the shoals of stickleback shoals are moving further offshore and are now much more dispersed in the deeper water.

 The best areas at the moment appear to be the Narrow Neck, Leven Mouth Bank, Hole ‘O’ the Inch, Brocks Hole and theNorthShorenear to the Green Isle. 

Traditional flies now accounting for more fish, with the Snatcher patterns, Kate McLaren, Dunkeld and Viva being the most mentioned fly patterns by anglers.

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