Launching of the Boathouse Blimp

Yesterday saw the launching of a helium-filled blimp / barrage balloon into the sky above the harbour at Loch Leven.  Ostensibly it is designed to publicise the relaunch of the Boathouse Bistro after its recent makeover.

As a previous blog has already covered, the new decking out the front overlooking the harbour and the loch has proved an immediate success, as has the revamped / extended menu.  We have already had quite a number of people trying out the full cooked breakfasts – on a warm sunny morning overlooking Loch Leven, does it come any better than being able to tuck into bacon, sausages and eggs etc as the sun rises over the water?

From today, a new ice cream parlour opens within the bistro selling the famous ice creams from Luvians of Cupar.  I have yet to try one yet myself – but it is only a matter of time!  I am always a sucker for mango ice cream but am also intrigued by one called Pooh Bear because the mind boggles about that flavour.  Where, oh where is the Rum & Raisin ice cream – they need to send a van to Luvians in Cupar immediately because that is a terrible oversight!

Also today, the Bistro is providing bikes for hire for those wanting to bike round the loch on the hugely popular Loch Leven Heritage Trail.  The bikes come in various sizes including ones for children and seem ideally suited for the purpose with lots of gears available to make pedalling as effortless as possible (for some of us!).  Bikes can be hired by the day or half day – helmets are included.

However, back to the launching of the Boathouse Blimp, there was great excitement yesterday morning as it was removed from its packaging and attached to the helium canister.  An hour later and it was filled and ready for launch into a fine Scottish harr (sea mist).  Within minutes, it was bobbing around 60m above the harbour.




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