Loch Leven Fishing Report – Week Ending 17th April 2011

There has not been too much to report this past week at Loch Leven other than that the environment is slowly warming and the aquatic life is becoming much more active. During the course of the week, the water temperature in the loch has remained a fairly constant 11.5°C and water clarity was static at 1.8 meters – clear enough at least to allow the weed growth to get a good early start.

Some good fish have been caught during the week. Most notably, Messrs McKenzie & Burnett had 6 very good fish on Sunday, all of which they returned. Greg Thomson was also out on Sunday and had 3 brownies, all of which were also returned. Greg caught his fish along the Factor’s Pier shore whilst Brian & Tom caught their 6 fish east of St Serf’s.

DI 7 or DI 5 lines have been the order of the day thus far but, on Saturday, some anglers changed to very low density lines with some success.

Small sparklers / variants of the Dunkeld are probably the best bet in terms of flies. I think it is just a little early for buzzers to be consistent but nevertheless some fish have fallen to buzzer tactics.

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