Loch Leven Fishing Report for the Week ending 10th April 2011

The lovely warm weather in the latter part of the week has raised the water temperature to 11°C, a temperature more associated with the end of April / early May. Water clarity has also improved slightly to 1.8 meters despite a couple of large spates and a 3” rise in the loch level following heavy rain earlier in the week.

A lot of trout have been showing along the Grahamstone shore. These fish have been feeding heavily on stickle back, which appear to be present in the loch at the moment in enormous numbers. Catching the fish is very difficult in these conditions as the brown trout appear to be in a state of feeding frenzy and not interested in any of the anglers’ “offerings”. As always some fish were caught and, in keeping with last week’s report, these fish were in very good condition and fighting fit. One or two people experimented with buzzer fishing but we only heard of one fish actually being caught using that method last weekend – it was well into May last season before buzzer fishing started to work and so, despite the very warm conditions, we appear to be just be a little early for that method of fishing to kick in.

All in all, the signs are still very encouraging. It is normally the case that April is a challenging time for most wild brown trout fisheries but the warm spell of weather will certainly help to get things moving along.

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