Season Opening Loch Leven Fishing Report

The new season of fishing on Loch Leven got underway on Saturday 2nd April and so this inaugural report for the season covers just two days!  Conditions were far from ideal with a fresh wind and only 2 boats actually ended up bravely venturing out.  The first boat finished early having seen a few trout on the surface but the other boat managed to catch 6 lovely fish – all returned – their smallest fish was just under 1 lb in weight whereas the biggest was estimated at around 3lbs.  Encouragingly, it looked as though three separate year groups were covered within the catch and it is pleasing to note that no cormorant marks were seen on any of the fish and they were all reported to be in excellent condition.  On Sunday, again only two boats went out in blustery conditions and one of them kept a brownie weighing 1lb 2oz – again clear of any marks and in great order!  Fish have been seen on the surface just off the harbour and along the sheltered areas off the South Shore. 

We all know that one swallow does not make a summer but, in my book, it was a very interesting and encouraging start to the season. 

Water clarity is 1.7 meters at the moment, the temperature stands at a typically chilly 7° C for early April. 

Early season tactics require sinking lines with mainly Black / Silver, Black / Green and Dunkeld variants and to fish at different speeds depending on the speed of drift. 

As the water warms up and weed growth starts, the fish should become more active and make use of the huge variety of food which Loch Leven is capable of producing, and hopefully some good baskets of fish will follow over the coming weeks and months. 

Tight lines to all for the coming season.

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