Boathouse Bistro reopens after makeover

The Boathouse Bistro, located down by the pier on the banks of Loch Leven, re-opened last Sunday following an extensive makeover over recent weeks.  Whilst the internal layout of the Bistro has been re-jigged and a completely new menu put in place, the most striking change has been out the front where an extensive area of decking has been put down.  The area is sufficient to cater for 16 new tables each with 4 comfortable chairs and should prove to be a really popular place to sit, eat and drink when the weather improves – in fact, last Sunday saw us have lovely spring weather with people happy to sit outside.




It was built from scratch in 5 days and we are all thrilled by the result and the raft of very positive comments from all who saw it and tried it out on Sunday.  It will surely prove a great attraction for those using the Loch Leven Heritage Trail, those going on the boat trip out to Loch Leven Castle on the island and of course for fishermen.

The new fishing season starts on Loch Leven this coming Saturday 2nd April and we are all hopeful that the loch will continue to fish as encouragingly as it did last season.  Certainly, we saw more fish in the burns at the back end of last year than we have for many a year which hopefully augurs well for the future.  Also, with the loch being covered by ice from mid December through to mid February, the stock of brown trout should have benefitted for the second year running from being kept safe from their major predator, the cormorant, during the period when cormorant numbers would normally be at a peak.

Anglers will no doubt be delighted to hear that we have included a special Fisherman’s Breakfast on the menu comprising bacon, suasage, 2 fried eggs, haggis, mushrooms, baked beans, fried bread, toast and freshly brewed tea or coffee (we can’t fit any more on the plate!!) – all for £6.00.  What a perfect way to start your fishing day!  We are also offering a range of packed lunch options specially for anglers.

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2 Responses to Boathouse Bistro reopens after makeover

  1. Ian Herriot says:

    Willie, a number of years ago I had contacted you about the Lemax spinners you were prepared to sell, do you still have them and if you do can you send another photo of them and confirm your price.

    Thanks Ian Herriot

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